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Cult of Dionysus players using the block as a mask


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Forget rockstars. Party like a god.

Welcome to the official website of Symposium Games! We make deluxe party games infused with ancient Greek style to help you host legendary parties. Entertaining can be tough—especially if your guests don’t know each other. That’s why Ben, our founder, dedicated nearly a decade to crafting his first game (Cult of Dionysus), to imbue your parties with unforgettable romp and revelry.

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Cult of DionysusCult of Dionysus
The all new

Truth or dare party game!

Our first official release. Deluxe version now available for pre-order in the shop and free DIY version available for download.

Cult of Dionysus is a stack-and-destroy game of strategy, skill, and chance that forges friendships and guarantees a part worthy of the gods.

1–3 hours
Praise for

Cult of dionysus

“Cult of Dionysus is a great game to play whether you’re building new friendships or strengthening old ones. You’ll have fun while getting to know people better!”


“This game is leagues above other party games. It’s unique enough that new friends talk about it for weeks after. I’m always asked to bring it to other parties!”


"I love to host parties and the game always makes planning easy and the evening unforgettable! I can't imagine what my social life would look like without it."


“Cult of Dionysus is more than a game- it’s an event! Get ready for questions to spark passionate conversation, creative contests to get players out of their seats, and challenges that will reveal the eccentricities and talents hidden in everyone!”


"Every block is full of so much creativity, fun, history, and adventure that you simply won’t want the game to end! Full of laughter, joy, and strategy, a party with Dionysus and a group of friends or strangers is a party you won’t forget!"

Daniele & Lauren

Cult of Dionysus creates a little alcove of community. Even though I think that people (myself included!) can't help but be somewhat performative at a party I think the game was really good at breaking through that.

Cult of Dionysus player using a block as a mask
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